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In a concrete cube dug into the side of a sheer slope in the Hollywood hills, not far from Mulholland Drive, a conversation is taking place that can only be described as “Lynchian”.Not least because the person doing all the speaking is David Lynch. “I don’t know where it was I got so interested in teeth and dental instruments and drilling and the idea of drilling, and then nerves, and different dimensions of a tooth, the roots,” says the man responsible (with all the ramifications that the idea of “responsibility” entails) for the brilliant, crazed, inspiring, unsettling, horror/fairy-tale yarns Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive and The Elephant Man.They approached Lynch about doing a whole album, and Crazy Clown Time was born.Unsurprisingly, given Lynch’s history as a particular kind of storyteller, most of the songs on Crazy Clown Time suggest movies in miniature.This cube, all clutter and colour and coffee cups and drawers, is Lynch’s painting room, perched on the hillside above the other interlinked cubes that house his home and recording studio. This guy is such an artist.” Just then, my coffee arrives. Who can forget the enthusiasm of FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle Mac Lachlan) for a cup of “damn fine coffee” in Twin Peaks? Anyway, Dr Chin is a real artist, and a great, great artist-dentist. In a voice that has been described as “Jimmy Stewart from Mars”, he rhapsodises about the “old, large, stainless steel contraption” with which Dr Chin holds his “super-sharp needle… So he first puts a little bit of something on your gum to deaden just the surface. No, the door wasn’t answered by a backwards-talking dwarf; there was no severed ear on the lawn.

It opens into a recording studio that also has a bank of theatre seats and a huge cinema screen.His father, ET Craig, was a writer and advocate of phrenology – interpreting personality types by feeling the shape of the head – a so-called “science” which by the time of the Ripper murders was already falling out of fashion.Craig, like his father, was a journalist, but not a successful one. After a period in the United States from 1864 to 1866, Craig spent time on local newspapers but in the 1871 Census listed himself as a person of “No occupation”.So it was inspired by Brian Loucks and a girl who I still never have met.” Good Day Today was played on LA radio station KCRW.The DJ mistakenly — or deliberately – ascribed it to British electronic veterans Underworld. There it was heard by the team from Sunday Best, the hip British record label run by DJ Rob da Bank.

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