Dating taurus

Just like everything else in his life, he likes to take his time and make every minute matter.What He’s Looking for Long Term Security is what the Taurus man is looking for long term.If you’re traveling, he’ll make sure where you’re going provides some creature comforts that make you both feel at home, like a big, plush bed with tons of pillows and a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape—the kind you might see in paintings.Those will be the biggest must-haves since you and sensual Taurus will probably spend a lot of time between the sheets.

What he most wants when dating is to be with someone he can spend quality time with.Don’t order a salad when you’d really rather have a good steak.He’d rather see you enjoying the moment and savoring the sweetness of getting something you really want.The more interesting you are, the more into you he’ll be.Dating a Taurus Man When it comes to dating a Taurus man, he tends to take things rather slowly in the beginning.

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The Taurus man is generous in many ways—with time, attention and even little trinkets he’s sure you’ll like.

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