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Current, and even ignored thirty-year-old research by Dr. Kronfeld and others, spells out the evolutionary need for canines to have sources of high quality protein such as is found in animal tissues.

Meat (muscle tissue), organ tissues such as liver, kidneys, spleen, and heart are particularly rich in the complex molecules called that end up as protein.

These authors point out that phosphorus blood levels can play a major role in the health status of dogs with compromised kidney function.

Remarkably, though, no two dog owners seem to agree as to which dog food is “the best”.Meats and meat by-products (meat by-products are blood and organ tissues and do not include hide, hair, hooves and teeth) are exceptionally high quality protein sources for dogs. Meat by-products are excellent sources of nourishment for dogs.By-products do not contain floor sweepings, old flea collars, gasoline or machine parts.and the myth of "too much protein in a dog's diet causes kidney damage" was started.And just like any seemingly valid rumor or assertion, it derived a life of its own and is only recently being accepted as untrue.

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